Economic Development Corporation

Groveton Economic Development Corporation 4A and 4B (GEDC)

Please contact Jaime Bergman, GEDC Coordinator, at 936-215-2247 or [email protected] for information regarding grants and grant applications.


The Groveton Economic Development Corporation, Committees 4A & 4B, (Collectively “GEDC”) deem it necessary and prudent to develop guidelines to follow when considering finding requests for “community development”.

These guidelines are for the purpose of providing clarification and direction for those individuals and organizations making funding requests and for providing clean and consistent basis for committee members when considering such requests.

Recognizing that the world we live in is a dynamic one, the guidelines are subject to change.

Approval/Denial of applications and funding is not guaranteed on any time line.

In order to stimulate the economic activity, funding requests should follow the guidelines below:

  • Fixed asset expenditure (not for marketing or promotion)
  • May be for historic preservation
  • Must create wealth for the community through job creation
  • Projects within the City limits of Groveton will have first consideration

Funding priority will be given to applicants that meet the majority of the above requirements and address the greatest needs of the community.

The Economic Development personnel shall screen all applications for the Board of Directors consideration.

The GEDC reserves the right to reject any application which, at the Boards sole discretion, it deems incomplete, inaccurate, and/or inappropriate.

The GEDC reserves the right to append, modify or otherwise change its guidelines and policies without direct public notice excepting its statutory requirements for the public notice of its open meetings.

For additional information and/or application, contact, Jaime Bergman (936)215-2247 by call or text. Or by email at [email protected]


  • Explanation of what Economic Development is and what it does. Information sheet that the ladies at City Hall can pass out to potential applications ( not the actual application)
  • Applicant understands process and purpose, request application from Information Sheet Contact Information(Jaime Bergman)
  • GEDC personnel provides potential applicant with application, to be turned back into GEDC personnel. (Not City Hall)
  • Cost, Budget and associated information is distributed to the GEDC Board of Directors and Advisors VIA email.
  • The application will be sent to the appointed person to set the meeting, to add the item to the agenda.
  • The application will be brought before the Board for approval or denial.
  • If approved, the attorney for the GEDC will coordinate with the applicant for Performance Agreement.
  • GEDC personnel will follow up with application according to GEDC guidelines.

Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts

Chapter 380 and 381 Agreement Database



2 Year Term


Gordon Bergman

Board Member Term:  12/09/2021-12/08/2023

Officer Term:  12/09/2021-12/08/2022


Vice President

Edgar A. West, Jr.

Board Member Term:  10/01/2020-09/30/2022

Officer Term:  12/09/21-12/08/2022



Board Member Term:  10/01/2020-09/30/2022

Officer Term:  12/09/2021-12/08/2022


James Alford

Board Member Term:  12/09/2021-12/08/2023

Officer Term:  12/09/2021-12/08/2022


Scott Evans

Board Member Term:  10/01/2020-09/30/2022


Jason Due

Board Member Term:  02/09/2022-02/08/2024


Benny McClain

Board Member Term:  12/09/2021-12/08/2023

Advisory Directors


Steven Truss



Rita Danford